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Drop forging Manufacturer - Carbon steel forging,

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We are India based manufacturer and exporter of Close die forging, Upset forging [ drop forging / Hot forging ] for carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. We manufacture quality drop forging components [ hot forging ] & Upset forging components as per your specification and samples .  Our main product line includes steel forging components, closed die forging and upset forging for automobile industry, pole line hardware and industrial forging (forged automotive components, engine parts, flanges and pipe fittings,  electric transmission / pole line parts). We also supply custom drop forging as per buyers drawings / samples. We can handle forging parts from 100 grams to 15 kilograms. Moreover a well equipped forge shop, die shop, metal testing laboratory, Cutting & Shear shop, heat treatment facility ensures fast delivery of your part and also making us a one-stop source for all your forging needs. We are manufacturers of close die forging and upset forging for steel.

We work with a sole objective of helping your business with custom steel forging [ drop forging / hot forging ] solutions. We have an optimum balance of manpower and machinery to provide you custom forging. With seasoned expertise in forging industry, we know how to get the job done. We believe in delivering quality products , on schedule at a competitive price and We believe in developing and forging all business relationship on the foundation of Quality, Honesty and Trust. Please visit other sections of our website to gather more details and incase of your requirements for custom forging [ hot forging / drop forging] or upset forging please feel free to contact us.

Manufacturer of steel forging, drop forging, close die forging, custom forging for industrial forging , automotive components includes drivetrain parts, driveshaft component, automotive forging, steering linkages, transmission yokes, gear blank components and much more. Upset forging for steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel also use drop forging, hot forging, automotive forging and steel forging. We wish to expand steel forging , hot forging product export market to USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, UAE, France, Belgium, Netherlands, EU Countries and worldwide.

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